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Music Industry Veterans James Diener And Howard Lipson Launch Alignment Artist Capital



Veteran private equity investor
Howard Lipson and longtime music entrepreneur
James Diener
have joined forces to launch Alignment Artist
, a new financial firm with funding from


In a reunion of two former key players for independent record
label, Octone Records, Diener and Lipson
founded Alignment as a new breed of financial firm geared
toward helping established global music creators
realize their vision, build their audience and expand their

Today’s music industry does not fit the traditional mold of
years past, and it never will again. Album sales are
consistently waning and with the vast majority of audiences
switching over to streaming or alternative forms of music
consumption, artists are challenged to bring something new to
the table. But with all uncharted endeavors comes
financial strain and unclear risk.
That’s where
Alignment will come in. 

With equity funding from
BlackRock Alternative Investors (BAI) accounts, Alignment will
build creative business initiatives such as touring,
production, songwriting, recorded music, TV and film, etc. from
the artist’s already established foundation. Building a
diverse portfolio of structured business investments ranging
from $5-$20 million per transaction,
Alignment allows
artists the creative freedom to pursue innovative business
objectives and alternative revenue streams under a new model
that is more compatible with the new music industry.

“Being part of Octone for the past decade gave me a front row
seat to observe the massive changes in how fans enjoy
music and the pressures that artists have
in creating
music within conventional industry structures,” said
Lipson.  “I saw artists getting pulled
into different, often conflicting directions.  While there
have been attempts to structure more comprehensive deals with
artists, a lot of dissonance remains.  With Alignment,
we wanted to reduce the friction in the process and
provide financing that takes a holistic view of an artist’s
and the overall music business.  We’ll be
investing in artists we believe in within a time horizon that
provides a good runway for the creative process and a
philosophy that will reap solid returns.”

“The way recording artists create and realize their ambitions
is unique; it doesn’t always fit the conventional structure or
traditional model,” said Diener.  ”We now
provide an innovative financial product backed by BlackRock,
the world’s most successful asset manager, for artists with an
existing foundation of work.  We aim to provide them with
a new financing source to pursue a range of creative
objectives, over and above their current industry
relationships.  It’s invaluable and empowering for
artists to have aligned financial support and regular access to
  We believe this approach is right for
the times ahead and, in the coming years, will be a
contributing factor in helping artists to achieve their
professional and personal aspirations.”

Joining Diener and Lipson on the Alignment Artist Capital Board
of Directors is Matt Botein, Global Co-Head and Chief
Investment Officer, BlackRock Alternative Investors,

and BAI Managing Director Patrick Riordan, who
spearheaded this investment on behalf of BlackRock.

“We at BlackRock are excited about the opportunity to
work with Howie and James to support leading artists in today’s
highly dynamic music industry. 
As the music
industry continues to evolve and innovate, we believe there is
tremendous opportunity to provide new, creative forms of
financing based on new business models and revenue sources,”
said Botein. “The founders of Alignment have
already proven their ability to anticipate trends and create
modern business models to thrive in today’s dynamic global
market. We are pleased to be working with them.”

Additional information about the Alignment Artist Capital team
and board of directors is available at alignmentartist.com


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