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Make the Most of Your Network


Breaking out in the entertainment industry is hard enough. We get it. We’ve been where you are and we want to help you make social media your own personal PR firm. Here are a few quick tips to getting your name out there.

1.  Stay consistent.
Update all of your social platforms at the same time in the same voice.

2.  Follow trends.
Think about when your fans, friends, & family might be online the most and post during those hours. (I.e. If you post your video link at five A.M. EST, you’re likely to get lost in the shuffle. Aim for morning commute hours, mid-morning work breaks, and evening TV time.)

3.  Be social, but don’t spam.
Empower the people who will view your material and let them know you need them. Keep it short & sweet. You have one line to grab their attention and one line to give information.  Reply to the people who take the time to vote and post your links.

Stay humble and appreciative of every rung on your ladder to the top!


4.  Be authentic.
Not sure how to communicate with your fans over social media? Here’s an example:

“Hey, guys! I’m competing for the opportunity of a lifetime and I need YOUR help. Watch, vote & share!!! (link to your entry)”

5.  Make sure to complete your profile on Talentcall.com.
Let your fans know who you are, why you’re passionate about what you do, and what inspired your video.

Remember, your fans will only be as invested as you are.  Believe in yourself, be true to who you are, and #BeDiscovered.

Like A Boss




Did we miss something that has worked for you?  Share your own tips below in the comments!