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Luci LIVE on the WorldArts Stage!


Luci stopped by the WorldArts Stage for an exclusive Periscope session!

Luci is the magical result of a spontaneous session between three songwriters. When McKail, Ariana and Ashley got together for the first time on March 12th, 2015, it was in the living room of a North Hollywood apartment with roommates sleeping in the next room over. The moment they sang their first extremely quiet harmony together, they knew this was a musical bond that couldn’t be ignored. That evening they not only decided to continue as a group, but even came up with their name, logo, mantra, and first song.

Although their sound is acoustic/pop-based, the Luci Ladies have always had a passion for the Blues and Jazz, two styles that appear in their writing. Through their combination of genres and individual styles, the result has allowed three independent and stylistically different women to come together to form a unique blend; a blend that embraces their strengths, weaknesses, and differences and morphs them all into a cohesive sound. Check out their performance videos below!

Luci feels as though they’ve been together for years. They have booked various gigs around Los Angeles including Hotel Cafe, Molly Malone’s and more. They just released their live EP “Live from 201” available on BandCamp. It was an unexpected bond, but it’s been nothing but love and music since.

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