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Lido Plays ‘Everything’ at The Ace Hotel


Last night Norwegian producer, songwriter and rapper, Lido took the stage at The Theater at the Ace Hotel with support by Red Bull Sound Select artists:  Joey Dosik and Nick Leon. He blessed fans with his brand new live set for his Everything tour that features him playing the piano, drums and keyboard. Jaden Smith even made a trippy guest appearance on stage for Lido’s “Only One” featuring Smith. Throughout the show Lido has visuals projected while he’s playing live instruments. When “Only One” began playing a projection of Smith illuminated on the right side of the stage, suddenly everything fades to black, and then he appears on top of the piano performing alongside Lido.

Lido & JadenThe young Norwegian producer has been full of new music and content in 2016 from working on his new live show to dropping his debut album, Everything, this past October. His North American headlining tour last year he announced it would be the last time he’d be playing his old songs and remixes, however, the artist played a very special encore featuring all of his old remixes and singles “I Love You,” “Money” and “Lost.”

LidoLido’s debut album Everything is his story about the emotional roller coaster one goes through with an intense break up. “Murder” and “Crazy” were the first singles off the album that play important rolls in telling his story. “Murder” is about his breakup and “Crazy” reflects his desperate moments before giving up on the relationship. Lido recently spoke with Complex discussing the meaning behind his album expressing how each sound and vocal serves a specific purpose. Check out his website for full explanation videos on each song with in-depth explanations for his creation process.

AceHotelStay tuned for more coverage on 30 days in LA, next week we head to The Fonda Theater for Haim.




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