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Leilani Wolfgramm releases new single “Live Wire”!


Reggae Songstress/Guitarist Leilani Wolfgramm has released her latest single Live Wire! The track arrives ahead of her new EP due in January, along with an upcoming national tour with The Green. This Orlando-based artist has shared the stage with artists like Ziggy Marley, Incubus, Dirty Heads, Tribal Seeds, Sublime ft. Rome and New King. She fuses R&B, hip-hop, folk, and reggae into her unique sound of moody vocals and island rhythms with influences from Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, and Lauryn Hill. “I choose reggae because Bob Marley showed me a song can change the world. I choose folk because Bob Dylan showed me a song can change your mind, and I choose R&B because Lauryn Hill showed me a song can change your heart and a girl can be better than the boys.”

Wolfgramm started performing at age seven as part of a Sea World Polynesian luau dinner show. Music has a always been a family affair for her; she started singing at age 9 after her mom gave her a Patsy Cline record, began writing at 13 when her uncle gave her a Pau Simone record, and playing guitar at 14 after her brother gave her a No Doubt record. In 2012, she joined her brothers, Zech and Nasur in their reggae band, Hor!zen, before embarking on her solo career in 2014 with the release of her debut EP, I Burn. With her new EP coming in January along with a national tour, Wolfgramm is poised for an even bigger 2018. Listen to Live Wire and download it on iTunes today. Get your tickets now to see her live on tour!


Leilani Wolfgramm

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