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LA River Bend releases new single “Mountain”!


Indie Folk/Rock band LA River Bend has released their newest single Mountain! The new single off their EP Run These Hills features infectious vocal melodies, sensational string arrangements and stunning three-part harmonies. Consisting of Nate Weiner (vocals/guitar), Emily Elkin (cello/vocals), Branden Stroup (bass/vocals/guitar) and Jacob Seldes (drums), this L.A.-based band honors traditions of Americana folk with their intricate guitar embelishments, indie-folk meets poetically pop melodies, all mixed with a nostalgic nod. Mountain features the band’s love of world rhythms and string arrangements, set against a narrative of the band’s lifelong pursuit of their musical passions. The band came to life after beginning as the backup band on Weiner’s solo album, Ride The Sun. After touring the West Coast and spending hours in the studio, the band honed their now signature three-part harmonies, into an authentic, beautifully atmospheric sound. “The addition of Seldes to the band is immeasurable, because I think our sound would have been less dimensional without his style of drumming” Weiner says.

Run These Hills was self-recorded by Stroup, and mastered by the Grammy award-winning Eric Boulanger (Eric Clapton, Iggy Pop, Green Day). The new EP focuses on themes of nature with an artfully serene feeling, seeking to plunge listeners into their own emotional depths. “The calming influence of nature in Los Angeles has been a huge musical inspiration to us” Weiner explains. The lead single, Summer Wind, is the ultimate feel-good love song set amidst a new SoCal ethereal sound, to emote a sense of waves crashing and sweeping on the beach. The second single, Fighting The Night, deals with the turbulent sense of loss felt by Weiner after the death of his father. “I was definitely ‘Fighting The Night’ exercising the demons and guilt I felt over my father’s passing” he confesses. With upcoming shows all over California in support of the new EP, the band is rapidly gaining a new audience with their contemporary and fresh approach to the indie folk genre.

Listen to Mountain and download it today!


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