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Kaylee Keller releases new single/video “Nowhere America”!


Pop/Country artist Kaylee Keller has released the video for her new single Nowhere America! The latest track from this indie singer-songwriter is off her EP Rubies, and is a love song to her hometown of Garden City, KS. “I have been very blessed to be able to travel the world at such a young age. I have lived in NYC and Nashville for different seasons of my life, but I realized how much I love and miss my hometown each time I come back home to Garden City” she says. “I think this song connects because it pulls at the heartstrings. When you listen to the lyrics, it sends you back to your own home; that one place that’s irreplaceable and has molded us into who we are today. I think in a time when we’re more separated then ever, this song reminds us of America’s foundations, our roots and love for one another”. Drawing on influences like Shania Twain, Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, Kacey Musgraves, Andy Grammer, Jamie Grace and Taylor Swift, the tracks on Rubies are a fresh mix of faith-based and uplifting music with mass appeal. Taking Out The Trash is another track off the EP that reflects her positive and empowering songwriting. “We all can carry baggage or ‘trash’ from past mistakes and choices we have made” Keller explains. “So it’s a song that reminds you today is a new day, so take out your trash and move forward. Stop letting baggage and toxicity hold you back.” Rubies is her third EP, which reflects her truth as an artist. “I wasn’t trying to make this project ‘fit’ to any molds or categories,” she explains. “That’s what made it really fun to make. I didn’t want to pressure myself to make something genre or ‘radio safe’. I was creating something that was me: life lessons I’ve learned and whimsical instrumentals that I enjoy jamming to like banjos, violins, maracas, shakers, steel guitars, keyboards, and synths. I wrote lyrics that are all-age appropriate and leave the listener feeling good and empowered about what they are singing.”

Keller’s debut EP Simply Sweet, the follow-up EP Diamond, and now Rubies have led to tour dates and appearances in outlets like FOX News Channel, FOX Extra, iHeart Radio, CelebSecrets, FOX411, ABC, WMEG TV, and Simply Grace Magazine. She draws on her own difficult challenges of bullying and sexual harassment she faced in high school, which fueled her desire to go after her dreams. Her negative experiences as a teen opened the door for her motivational speaking opportunities around the country to encourage teens who now face the same challenges she did. “Without having a strong sense of who I was, what I believed about myself or to be able to share it with my family, I would have caved in physically and emotionally,” she reveals. “I didn’t really have anyone at school to stick up for me because sexual harassment is something that doesn’t get addressed, but I want to be that person for others.  I talk about using your talent, making good choices, and believing in yourself even if no one else does”. Her speaking engagements touch on themes like the friends you surround yourself with, ending bullying, dating with a purpose, abstinence, and pornography addiction. “I talk about my relationship with Christ and keeping morally strong in a world of peer pressures and temptations”. She is completely committed and encouraging to her fans in person and via her social platforms to share in their journeys and help in any way she can. “I hope my listeners feel my music is a safe place for them to go, without the worry of explicit or sexual language” Keller says. “I wouldn’t be in this position without my fans and I want to help them back. Without my faith I would have walked away from all of this, (but) my goal is to change the direction the music world is going for the better. I think we all have been put here for a specific purpose and that’s to love and serve one another”.

Watch the video for Nowhere America and download Rubies on all music platforms today!


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