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K Camp “Lyric Ave” Release Party at WorldArts


K camp, his team and close friends huddled up for a private listening party for the release of his new album “Lyric Ave” with tracks produced by Bobby Kritical, Muzik Majors and Zaytoven. His listening party revealed six new tracks Lyric Ave, Hungry N Lurkin, Touchdown, Fuck Is Up, Ice Cream and Free Money. Along with the new tracks he unveiled four new music videos to go along with Fuck is Up, Touchdown, Hungry N Lurkin and Ice Cream, which “still has to get some animation put on it”, K Camp noted. In between videos he revealed the story behind getting kicked out of his house on “Lyric Ave”,while manager Amber Grimes comments on the video that captured it all.The music video for Hungry N Lurkin featured most, if not all the members of his team who now share a house in Los Angeles. “Now I get to wake up with all these different personalities,” he stated.

The interviews that took place in between new releases were more nostalgic stories of putting the album together and K Camp’s transformation in his career than inquizzitive questions. Interview topics  from close friends on his team ranged from fashion, new sounds from new producers, to K Camp mixing his own tracks in Pro-tools. The crowd certainly felt the love as they laughed about stories with K-camp and his entourage. Interviewers included: DJ Genius, Brookelyn (fashion stylist), Amber Grimes (manager), Ashton (photographer/videographer) and Mambo.


As for the amount of videos released, K camp reflected on not putting out enough videos for his previous albums.“Every record besides a single, I didn’t shoot videos for. I think that was major mistake that I made early in my career. A lot of folks know my music but they don’t know my face, with this project I wanted to shoot every last video. I’m trying to come around this time and make everything look extra good” he explained.

The aftermath of the listening session turned into a place to network. DJs, artists and studio owners in the audience chatted and exchanged business cards listening to songs from “Lyric Ave,” while they sipped on Purple Haze; a sweet lavender mixture of cognac and vodka.


While the crowd networked, we got to ask K camp a few questions of our own. He explains why it was important to do this live stream exclusively for his fans that could not be with him that night. Watch the highlight video below! 

Photos by: Amy Waters