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Jay Z’s Debut Album Disappears From Spotify, But You Can Still Find It On TIDAL



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has become the latest weapon in the battle for
streaming music subscribers.  A deep pocketed
Apple is expected to make them part of
its June music relaunch
.  But Jay Z’s
has placed exclusives at the center of
its marketing

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Jay Z’s debut album
“Reasonable Doubt” disappeared from Spotify yesterday. But you
can still listen to the classic release on the Jay Z owned
TIDAL streaming music service.

TIDAL has promised high profile exclusives, including this
week’s Beyonce Tidal-only release, as a major drawing card.
 Record contracts and other deals will often get in the
way, but you can expect more and more exclusives over time.

Jay Z Says Fans Will Be Forced To

When asked last week during a Q&A at the Clive Davis
Institute, if fans would be forced to between chose services,
Jay Z replied,

“At some point, they’ll be faced with that decision.
Again, there will be other things. This isn’t just about
music; it’s also about concert ticketing. It’s a holistic
place where the artists will live in. You may be able to
download a song for free, but you’re not getting into
concerts for free. There are different things that we offer.
It’s not just songs – we’re offering value.”



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