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Is The Future For Audio Professionals In Games? – hypebot



Are you an audio
l? If so, it is slim pickings
finding a job that is best matched with your
skill set. Maybe the next frontier is in the world of

The music industry is filled with lots of hungry people just
waiting for an opportunity to do what they love and actually be
paid for it. Unfortunately, those opportunities are few and far
between. So, they work for free in hopes to build the skills
they need to one day be paid. This is especially true for audio
professionals. They have all of the knowledge and skill sets to
make a great career, but the opportunities are
limited. David Reeves shares in this
article how the gaming industry may be an audio professional’s
new job market. 

As the music industry is changing, jobs that were traditionally
available for audio professionals are getting smaller and
smaller. The demand for people to mix audio in traditional
studios is dwindling. However, there may be a place to work in
the gaming industry. When looking for a job it is important to
think out of the box and go to where the need may be. To check
out David Reeves article on
finding work in the gaming industry, check out his article on

“Just like musicians, audio professionals (sound engineers,
sound designers, mix/mastering engineers etc.) are often highly
skilled and highly under paid. It is difficult to think of
another industry in which highly educated and skilled workers
are routinely expected to work for free or in unstable or very
low paid positions. Audio professionals are usually highly
passionate and driven about their work and often take on unpaid
projects or jobs, especially early on, in the hope of building
a portfolio strong enough to find regular income. Getting a
well-paid UK music job is tough and demands patience and
determination to succeed.”

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