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Indie Label Head: “The Major Labels Screwed Up Napster, And They’re About to Screw Up Spotify…” Music News




Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More T Swizzle, that girl is a massive marketing machine of
mega monolithic mammoth mondo monster proportions, i mean, she
isnt just a cow, shes like a whole pasture of plump large cows
ready to be milked for manufacturing, all trucks and ships move
aside as the top gunner comes barreling through to get product
to shelves, choo choo, i mean, beep beep, erm, moo moo…

Anyways, all joking and kidding aside, $6 Billy going to
shareholders, 8 ought % of that to Universal Musics
shareholders supposedly, from the largest music market share in
the globes parent company, who know has only like 2 companies
under its umbrella, with no intentions of selling Universal or
anything, and they screwed something up???

The labels didnt screw that up, there was hardly anything they
could have done… They should have probably gotten on the
songle, but retrospect is always less myopic…

Those that initiated the digital network screwed it up, of
course, a lot of them are billy players now, but never the
less, they really screwed it up back from the arpanet
transitional days, going with one plan over the other because
bro who had the better plan wasnt a good salesmen or networker
or whatever the exact reasoning was…

Treating customers like children?

Who writes this junk?

The major demographic for most mainstream and especially Pop
music, are children, plain and simple… 9 year olds know who the
dot swizzle is, they dont know who some stick it to the man
rockers and punks are, nor are they at the local starbucks
sipping on a $50 special latte gossiping with the hipsters over
the latest cool thing…

Toddlers shake their booty to Beyonce, not Bob Dylan, just the
way it is, acceptance of reality is crucial to a better
understanding of fantasy…

The Majors only seem to want to diversify the tiers, not take
it away, and while it seems they are bantering around some
limited time offer, i think if they just filter their catalogs
accordingly, make some free and some not, like say the singles
with videos available on the free tier, that they still make
money off, and then restrict some to non free tiers, not only
would it better entice people to upgrade, it would also entice
them to make better RECORDS, instead of this team game
manufacturing plant content happy singles deluge where theres
no vision and no cohesion no forethought or constructions,
where producers are now beat makers who have no clue about

Keep the free tier, limit the content, provide incentives, and
taylors your aunt or whatever…

And of course Universal is behind the T to the dot Swizzle,
shes their cash cow poster girl good role model top gunning
sugar momma finger snapping leader of everyone, so they have no
choice but to get on their knees, roll out the red carpet, and
give her anything she wants anytime she wants however she wants
it, she calls the shots for the industry right now and thats
just the way it is…


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