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Impractical Advice For A Better Music Career – hypebot



article may shock and offend you, but give you
much needed advice for advancing your music


If you are reading this, then you would like the answer to the
million dollar question, “How do I improve my music career?”
Well, that may be a difficult question to answer fully.
Thankfully, in this article Brandon Waardenburg shares
the cold, hard truth on what it takes to make it in the music
business. Some of the tips are expected, and others will be
tough to swallow. All of the advice, however, is honest and
makes it worth to read. 

Waardenburg gives some tips that can be very practical. For
example, being controversial can be of great benefit to your
music career. It always helps for an artist to have more
dimensions and it does not mean you have to be mean. It just
means that you have to be bold enough in your approach to go
against the grain and stand out. Check
out Brandon Waardenburg’s article
on MusicThinkTank.com and share what you think
of his tips in the comments section below! 

“Studies show that better-than-average looking people are
believed to be a) good people b) more intelligent c) better
conversationalists d) more independent and e) better in
bed.  In what is known as the “Halo Effect,” we perceive
that – because someone is good looking – we attribute those
positive characteristics onto other parts of their lives such
as personality, character, etc.”

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