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are our calendars, our alarm clocks and our
personal jukeboxes. But how are they
serving your ears?


One year ago, I knew absolutely nothing about the sound of
music. I, like the rest of my generation, just placed some
earbuds on and blasted whatever was popular at the time. As a
self-proclaimed music lover, I fell into the trap that most of
us currently are stuck in. While I was consuming music more
than I ever have, I really did not take the time to actually
LISTEN to what I was hearing; I did not appreciate all of the
layers of different inflections that made a rich sound. In this
article, Cherie Nelson reminds
us of the brilliance sound can bring to a song and how to get
the best sound for your mobile device.

There are two types of audiophiles: those who are musicians and
those who just listen. Once you understand who you are as a
consumer, it will become easier to pick products for your
smartphone to achieve the best sound. With every type of
person, there will be different applications to choose.
Thankfully, Cherie Nelson gives great
insight into making that choice on MusicThinkTank.com.

“Over the last decade, smartphone technology has completely
redefined how people communicate and access information. It
also has had a huge impact on the way people create and listen
to music. Let’s take a look at some of the latest accessories
that help audiophiles and musicians get the most out of their

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