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Hey Record Store Day, Face the Facts. You’re Hurting Indie Labels.




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Last month Record Store Day sent a scathing open letter to their
. The letter specifically addressed indie labels
Sonic Cathedral and Howling Owl, who are running a
separate promotion instead of participating in RSD.

Sonic Cathedral and Howling Owl originally sent their own open letter to RSD, detailing how the
holiday has come to hurt their business.
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How did RSD respond? By saying they’re here to help
indie record stores, NOT indie labels.
confusingly followed this up by saying that complaining labels
are wrong, as “indie labels are among the biggest
winners from RSD.”

In summation, RSD says that labels don’t even know about their
own business. RSD knows what’s best for you, so stop

This reminded me of McDonald’s snarky reply to complaints about asking
artists to perform for free. Remember how that ended? McDonald’s gave in and paid up.

Earlier this week Pitchfork and FACT both published articles that detail
problems associated with RSD. They spoke
to Blue Arrow, Secretly
, Alter, Because Music, and YAM Records. They
all agreed that RSD is making things difficult.

“It’s independent labels we want to be celebrating – the ones
that have consistently contributed to the growth of the vinyl
industry and have kept the format alive, not those pressing
special releases destined to be bought for their novelty
factor. Not long ago everyone thought the format had died a
death, but the small guys were predominantly the ones keeping
it afloat. If the majors want to start pressing lots of
records again they’re more than welcome to, but perhaps it
would be better received if they invested some of their
capital into building new pressing plants to lessen the

Now another label has chimed in.

+Native Instruments Shouldn’t Be the Only
Company Creating the Stems Format

will not be participating in Record Store Day,
instead they’ll be offering 50 percent off all their vinyl. In
a statement posted to Facebook they said:

“Hi all, Record Store Day is coming up and while the original
intent of the event is admirable, it’s actually
become detrimental to small, DIY operations like FoF. It’s
unfortunate, but it seems like every year our vinyl schedule
gets delayed by months for some *limited* Dave Grohl or Jack
White single.

So are indie labels REALLY the “biggest winners”? Your move,


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and
more: @nine_u

Photo by Tambako The Jaguar on Flickr used with the
Creative Commons License

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