Home Artists Gus McArthur releases new single “End of Eternity”!

Gus McArthur releases new single “End of Eternity”!


Metal/Hard Rock group Gus McArthur has released the new single End of Eternity from their upcoming EP Chapter 2: Fanatics! The new EP drops on December 8th from this San Diego trio that describes themselves as “a trans-dimensional being who transmits the music, style and imagery to the members of the band”. Chapter 2: Fanatics is the second studio release from these Huntington Beach natives, following their debut album Hysterics. The band draws on a broad range of influences like Freddie Mercury & Queen, Corey Taylor and Slipknot with their intricate guitar riffs, lyrics, high energy compositions, and pounding drums.

Gus McArthur began as the collaborative effort of two brothers, Honan McArthur (aka “The Destroyer”) and Gordon McArthur (aka “The Hater”) in 2014. The brothers combined their different musical backgrounds into a unique blend of their genres. Honan began playing guitar at 16, and started composing intricate solos with classical infusions, metal riffs, and thrash metal that would define the band’s signature sound. Gordon is the front man who deals out the spoken-word influenced vocals and underground hip-hop lyrics. Johnson Zhang (aka “The Z“) provides the precise and relentless drum work. Originally from China, Zhang has learned from the world’s best and gives the band it’s pulsing heartbeat. Having already been featured in Gear Gods, New Noise Magazine, The Age of Metal, and Decibel Magazine among many other outlets, Gus McArthur is proving to be a force to be reckoned with for the ages.

Listen to End of Eternity and download the new EP on December 8th!


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