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Givers and Takers LIVE on the WorldArts Stage!


Givers and Takers stopped by the WorldArts Stage for an exclusive Periscope session!

Critically acclaimed psychedelic bliss-rock four piece, Givers & Takers, has quickly catapulted to success with their unique blend of soul and experimental rock. Born in Santa Barbara, CA, Givers & Takers make a distinct imprint on a soulful landscape through rich layers, captivating melodies, and smooth vocals. Consisting of members Zack Greenwald, Alan Krespan, Drew Bruchs, and Mark Pollack, the band has performed alongside notable acts including Walk the Moon, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) and Alberta Cross. Together they have a way of running on the empathetic side of the sensitivity spectrum within their music. “We believe that the heart of our sound is in the individually melodic aspect of the parts coming together as one, which, if you zoom out, is what drives the spirit of a good band. The process of each song coming together is almost like drawing a circle- you can start anywhere and end up in the right place.”- Greenwald fervidly states.

Check out 3 live performance videos from the WorldArts Stage below!

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