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The Fontaines LIVE on the WorldArts Stage!


The Fontaines stopped by the WorldArts Stage for an exclusive Periscope set!

The young brother-sister duo, Charlotte, 19 and; Hank, 24 don’t want to make music that’s easy to pin down. “We call it New-Wop,” Hank says, adding that the he really wants his music to be “swoon-worthy,” to have that indescribable sense of a song taking over your heart, a feeling he’s gotten listening to artists from Miles Davis to Beach House.

For Charlotte, the key word is “snappy,” a quality she hears in the Brill Building songs of Carole King. It was hearing The Drifters sing King and Gerry Goffin’s “Some Kind of Wonderful” in grade school that made her realize what kind of sound she wanted to play with in her own music.

The Fontaines make music that’s irrefutably catchy, filled with flashy guitar licks and sprightly rhythms; their songs are positively addictive, courtesy of Charlotte’s honky-tonk, insouciant yet feminine vocals. This duo sounds unlike anything else you’ve heard.

Watch them perform original songs on the WorldArts Stage:

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