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First Night of Millennials Mastered at WorldArts


Last Thursday, October 28, Millennials Mastered hosted their first live event at the WorldArts event space. Millennials Mastered is a YouTube web series hosted by Maven Made and LG3 Digital. Their mission is to produce progressive multimedia content examining millennials in the music and entertainment industries. Their first live panel focused on discussing social media tips and PR tactics used in the entertainment and music industry.

Millennials Mastered invited guest speakers Evan Seymour, Rome Green and DJ Nitrane to speak on their panel with performances by Watson, Indica and Tre Rail. Evan Seymour, works at the Purple Agency, a boutique PR firm that handles PR, events and lifestyle marketing in the entertainment industry.

Evan Seymour

“Social media is used for engagement and dissemination of information, it gives people their own platform to respond in real time and be heard” – Evan Seymour

Now more than ever, individuals have the power to spread information like a wildfire, whether one is tweeting to to their followers, or simply sending a direct message to a friend, it all happens instantly. However, it’s important for one to be mindful of what they say and how they represent themselves online. Seymour emphasized that “each individual must keep in mind perception is reality and everybody is their own brand.”

Rome GreenRome Green is the head of Dormtainment, comedian and public figure. Green first gained his popularity over his YouTube videos, hoping to eventually expand Dormtainment, a six man comedy group, into a full production studio. “Whatever medium you have, use it,” said Green, about choosing a platform emphasizing that his YouTube success came through ‘trial and error’ and persistence to learn and improve his craft.

“It’s real life, either try to fix it or keep quiet and move onto the next project.” – Rome Green on overcoming struggles

DJ NitraneThe last speaker of the panel was DJ Nitrane, who has been spinning since he was 12-years-old, and earned the title “Go-To DJ” when it comes to high profile events in 2011. “I’m lucky to be passionate about something in life, because not everybody knows what they’re passionate about,” he said in regards to the European tour he’s currently gearing up for. When it comes to the young DJ’s social media posts, he tends to be reserved yet strategic. It’s important to reveal what is relevant to your brand, but also know where to draw the line.

“It’s important to have a balance of personal and professional life. There’s a certain boundary I have, I’m very aware of my brand and what I do. If it’s super personal, it doesn’t need to be online.” – DJ Nitrane on social media

We’re doing it all over again Thursday at the WorldArts event space. Come through around 8 PM, there’s no cover and it’s BYOB! Peep artist performance photos below and check out our full gallery from our last Millennials Mastered night on Flickr.

Watson at Millennials Mastered. Photo by Amy Waters.
The Indica
Indica at Millennials Mastered. Photo by Amy Waters.
Tre Rail
Tre Rail at Millennials Mastered. Photo by Amy Waters.



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