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Fair Play, Fair Pay Act Of 2015 Introduced To Congress – hypebot



A2IM represents a broad coalition of 350 Independent
music labels from 41 states across the U.S. We represent every
region, every demographic, and every musical genre. Independent
music labels are a critical support system for America’s
vibrant musician community and rich cultural heritage.

Independent Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
(SMEs) have finite resources to market and release music by
some of the world’s most celebrated, iconic artists.

The status quo threatens the livelihood of Independent label
owner/investors and their artists by denying them the fair
value of their work. Asking music creators to forgo income
while allowing Big Radio to make millions in advertising off of
their songs seems profoundly un-American.

The potential impact of Fair Play Fair Pay is
The Independent music label sector has a
direct impact on our economy, including cultivating thousands
of middle-class domestic jobs and employment at the music
labels and in related industries. Fair Play Fair Pay means more
work for video directors, production teams, sound engineers,
physical goods manufacturers, photographers, publicists, and

In addition, our community has a notable economic
multiplier effect on non-music businesses like musical
instruments and electronics and from technology and digital
media usages, including television, films, games and radio.
Music creation feeds these businesses with consumer

We’re also losing overseas royalties because of the AM/FM
radio loophole. Because the United States is the only one of 34
OECD countries that does not have an AM/FM performance right,
we take an “exception” from international agreements.
This “exception” causes us to lose around $100 million
in royalties from other countries, royalties that could flow to
U.S. performers.

Fair Play Fair Pay is critical to protecting the
livelihood of America’s Independent music labels and their
Our community is very appreciative of the
efforts by Congressmen Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and Marsha
Blackburn (R-TN) and hope their colleagues in the House will
join them in supporting the creative visionaries that provide
the world with the artists and music they love.


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