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Executive Shuffles: Mykki Blanco, Spirit Music Group, EastWest Sounds, Lil’ Chris News




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Wolfgang Kundrus of EastWest

Mykki Blanco is ending her career as a
rapper to focus on investigative journalism. A post on the Mykki
Blanco Facebook page says:

“…Many feel as if I’m “jumping ship”… “Where’s your album”
etc… But I must be honest, writing words that rhyme over
beats made by other people mostly male no longer interests me
and I’ve felt this way for over a year now. I do not find
being a “rapper” fascinating and rather than waste the
remaining 9 months of 2015 in some kind of FAKE existential
crisis where I pretend I don’t know what I want I’m taking
the initial steps to securing what I know I do want, to
observe and write about places and cultures in our world not
known to many and to better educate myself about the
cultures, gender politics and patriarchy that shape our
society so that I may one day be able to speak and influence
our world in a way a dance song and music video cannot.”

Charlie Davis has been appointed Senior
Director of Spirit Music Group. Davis was
previously Director of Licensing at
Warner/Chappell Production Music.
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Wolfgang Kundrus has been appointed
Software Architect and Senior
Developer at EastWest Sounds, a
virtual instrument development company. Kundrus recently led
the development of Presonus Studio One.

In other news…

Lil’ Chris, who gained notoriety on Gene
Simmons’ show Rock School, has died. Details
about his death have not been released, but it is not being
treated as suspicious.


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more: @nine_u

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