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Diddy Invests In Pleek Photo Messaging App



Social messaging apps
of all
varieties – text, photo, video and even music – are the current
darlings of venture capitalists.  If the
app is a hit, it can grab huge numbers of users
 at minimal cost. Once you’ve attracted
users, anything is possible. Just ask
Google… and as of today

“React with your camera”

Pleek, a picture messaging app that
allows users to communicate via images has
attracted $600,000 in funding led by Paris-based Partech
Ventures. Also participating in the round is rapper and
entrepreneur Sean Combs aka Diddy, sources tell TechCrunch.

Funded in 2014, Pleek allows users to communicate (react) using
photos and and 8 second videos which can be annotated with text
or stickers. It is available on Android and
iOS. Co-Founder Cyril Paglino calls Pleek a “picture
messaging with a twist.”


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