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Diana Ebe is our November Spotlight Artist!


Our WorldArts Spotlight Artist of the Month is Diana Ebe! This Alternative/Pop singer and native of Stockholm is a classically trained and versatile performer. Check out our exclusive Q&A with her to find out more about her life as an artist and the inspiration behind her newest single Bold!

1)  Tell us about how you got started in music?

I started playing the piano at the age of four and started singing a few years later. I did quite a lot of showcases when I was little and also sang in church. I continued playing the piano and in my teens I got in to singing musicals. It wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles, that I really started writing and producing music of my own. Writing various texts and lyrics was an outlet for feelings. My first few years in L.A., I felt really lonely, got in a terrible relationship, and started to second guess my choice of moving. Today, music feels so right. My music reflects my thoughts, and therefore it can be very sad at times, but also hopeful in others.

2)  What inspiration(s) do you draw on when you create music?

The biggest inspiration flow comes to me when I’m in nature, especially in the woods. There’s something so mystic and magical about the energies there that I draw to. Maybe it’s because walking in woods gives some kind of calmness that I forget the reality a bit and let my mind wander. Sometimes, I do get inspiration from books or anything I can read, movies or other music. If I feel really inspired by listening to another song, I make up my own melody and lyrics in the intro or interlude of a song. That’s fun too.

3)  What was the music scene like in your hometown of Stockholm, Sweden when you were growing up?

Music, has always been a big influencer when I grew up. I listened to a lot of the music from Melodifestivalen (Sweden’s Eurovision Song Contest), which was mostly pop. My favorite bands and artists when growing up was Aqua, Spice Girls, Celine Dion, Madonna, A-teens, Kylie Minogue, No Doubt and more.

4)  If you could go on tour with any artist (past or present) who would it be?

With Madonna when she was young. She is such an inspiration, a powerful superwoman today. I’ve always had the feeling that she is grounded and true to herself, she doesn’t care of what others think, run her own race so to say.

5)  What’s your ‘go-to’ karaoke song?

When I was around 10 years old, my go-to karaoke song was My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. I sang that song every time I got the opportunity to sing karaoke. I even came on 2nd place with that song in a karaoke song contest. Winner was an Elvis Presley impersonator, quite hard to beat that. I haven’t sang karaoke since little, I don’t think it would be the same choice if I got to sing karaoke again.

6)  WorldArts is all about giving tools and opportunities to artists.  What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

First, join WorldArts and explore your opportunities! Another advice is to keep going, do everything you can, network, perform live, interact with fans. Invite people to your world, your creative bubble. Shall take that advice myself. I do believe that authenticity and meaningful music will take you far longer than something you scratched together without thought, if that makes sense.

7)  If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

I do like the way the music industry currently is. Even though, I would want more aspiring artists in the spotlight, I think there are amazing tools you can use as an artist. Artists today are doing great without a label. I think the rules can be bent, and today you can pretty much do anything – I like that. At times, it’s even more attractive to do something bold and unexpected. I think breaking the patterns are a good thing.

8)  What is the best way you’ve found to market yourself as an artist?

Social media every time. There are so many opportunities and possibilities with social media. You have to be patience though, because it may take time, but it’s worth it. I’m still at it like crazy.

9)  Tell us about your latest single “Bold” and the inspiration behind it? 

The inspiration to Bold came one day when I realized I had fallen for the idea of being in love, and how I built a relationship based on my expectations and ideas of what love should be like, rather than being in love with the characteristics and the personality of that person. I wrote the lyrics in a heartbeat, I feel like they were just waiting to be let out. To write Bold, was definitely a relief – I had to write them for me. Now I look back and can tell it was never real love.

10) What’s next on the horizon for you?

There are new songs just waiting to be produced so that’s my next step, finding a producer for them is the step after that. I’m also putting together a brand new show, so there’ll be some dates in my tour calendar soon. I have some other fun stuff coming along as well, that I can’t tell just yet – but soon! Follow me on IG @dianaebe, FB @dianaebemusic for the latest, and check out my website and subscribe to my newsletters. Also, be sure to check out for tour dates!


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