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Despite Lawsuits, Michael Robertson Returns To Take Pandora With New ‘Six Seconds’ App



michael robertson
From Mp3.com to
Mp3Tunes, Michael Robertson
has never been afraid to take on the music industry; and that’s
often landed him in court. In fact, lawyers
for Universal Music are still arguing over whether $12M is
for their work winning a pyrrhic victory over Mp3Tunes.
Unphased, he’s back with new music app Six

Six second
Serial digital
music entrepreneur Michael Robertson is back
with 6 Seconds. The new iOS and Android app “combines the ease
of Pandora with much of the control of Spotify all for free on

By tapping into 100,000 broadcast and online radio
stations globally, 6 Seconds offers the promise of a free
digital jukebox with unlimited skips.  Selecting a
genre plays the most popular songs from that style as
determined by what stations DJs are playing. Skipping songs is
performed by a quick swipe anywhere on the screen. 

6 Seconds also includes search capability that helps
users find a specific song or artist. In under a second, it
scans 100,000 online radio stations for a specific song or
artist. If located, they can tune into the broadcast with a
simple click on the title which will connect them directly to
that station.

“6 Seconds is the first free mobile music experience with
unlimited skips and search so music listeners can hear the
songs they desire, more often,” says Robertson. “Listeners can
favorite any song and at anytime, quickly search for their
faves playing anywhere in the world.”

Pretty neat, but what will the lawyers


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