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WorldArts December Featured Artist: Paper Pilots


Paper Pilots recently released their new EP “Automatic” last month!

Paper Pilots is an alternative rock group led by Justin Bocchieri first gaining attention in 2012 when their cover of The Zombies’ “She’s Not There” aired through HBO’s True Blood. The band later made an appearance in True Blood’s Season 6 finale where they performed their singles “Lacksadaiscal”, “Romancing Glances” and “Balancing the Backlight”, all from their debut self-titled EP that was released in 2013. More recently their new track “Lovebird” which has been described by Kevin Bronson of Buzzbands.la as “an old-school power-pop jam that takes flight on an anxious bass line” has played on KLOS “Check one…two”, SiriusXM, and more! Their new video for “The Weather” was also added on FuseTV! You can see that music video here.

The band has been receiving localized success after rising out of the indie neighborhood of Silverlake, in Los Angeles, CA. Although traction from their new EP through KLOS, SiriusXM, KCSN, etc. is quite an honor, radio success isn’t exactly new to the band. After releasing last year’s singles “Free Ride” and “Arrow” many local radio stations have been supporting their tracks including Gary Calamar of KCRW, Kevin Bronson of KCSN, Kat Corbett from KROQ’s “Locals Only”, and more recently, Tobi Lynn of ALT 98.7’s “Close To Home.” Gaining more and more localized popularity, the band is sure to begin rising to the top.

Last month Paper Pilots released their single “The Weather” which eluded to their “California Britpop” sound that was solidified in their latest EP, Automatic, which was released last month on November 7. “Automatic” is also the name of their dance-able lead single off the three track EP. Paper Pilots is definitely on our list of artists to look out for in 2017, and will hopefully have a full fledged album coming soon! But for now you can listen to Paper Pilot’s “Automatic” EP below:

TONIGHT December 2, Paper Pilots will be playing a free show at Laguna Beach’s Hospitality Night at Ladies and Gents Hair Salon at 7:30 PM sharp!


Paper Pilots

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