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Crowdfunder Musicraiser Expands To London, NYC – hypebot



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an online community where musicians engage directly with
their fans to offer them exclusive rewards in return
for helping fund their activities
and projects is
expanding their reach.

With a model reminiscent of Kickstarter,
Musicriser allows artists to offer fans
exclusive merch, music, or experiences in exchange for funding
their creative endeavors. Musicraiser, having
turned over 500 projects and raising over 1.6m euros in
 works closely with musicians to manage
their campaign and ensure the best chance for success.

In addition to the crowdfunding service, artists signing up
with Musicriser also have access to these benefits:

  • Free digital distribution for a year via
  • One on one consultations with industry experts
  • Discounts with key service providers in areas such as PR,
    marketing and promotion
  • The possibility that Musicraiser will invest in marketing
    and promotion campaigns for certain projects.

Daniel Plentz
, COO of
Musicraiser said, “We have enjoyed real success in Italy since
the launch of Musicraiser in the end of 2012 and we now feel
that the time is right to introduce other key territories to
the Musicraiser offering.  The UK and US are important
music markets and we are excited about helping artists
in those countries raise funding, engage with their fans and
realise their creative and commercial goals.”

For more details about Musicraiser please visit www.musicraiser.com


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