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The Crockpot Minifest at WorldArts!


Every quarter The Crockpot and Tha Juice Joint events merge to form the Crockpot Minifest, presented by The 27 Brand. This year the Minifest took place at the WorldArts Stage in Culver City!

The Crockpot is a quarterly music & artist showcase that fuses live music, live art, soul food, DJ’s, high vibrations, and more! Our motto is starve the ego, feed the soul, and we live by it. The atmosphere feels very family reunion oriented. It really is a place where strangers end up experiencing music together in a way that makes us all feel connected to each other. We call it The Crockpot because we put whatever we want in it & it’s always so good & fulfilling. It’s like comfort food. We like to play on the importance of slowing cooking vs. the microwave. Our event is more about substance & real talent opposed to the hype. It’s a soulful event but our audience is really broad…everyone loves music…and our live music experience is truly one of a kind….

The lineup consisted of tap dancers Assata & Anissa, as well as singer/songwriters Durand Bernar, Eric Lyn, James Davis, Janice Freeman, Karina Pasian, and Rose Gold.


Tha Juice Joint is the most fulfilling, one of a kind, organic jam session + open mic you will ever experience. It is a weekly residency usually held in the heart of Hollywood at a beautiful venue called The Study, but for this special Crockpot Minifest it took place at the WorldArts Stage! It’s an open jam session environment that is live, improv, & free flowing. Dancers, poets, rappers, musicians, singers, and other creatives gather weekly to create wonderful experiences with each other. Strangers become friends, pro’s and amateurs shed with each other in an ego free atmosphere and safe space. Tha Juice Joint is #MusicTherapy.


Catch Tha Juice Joint every Monday at The Study in Hollywood!

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