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Coachella: Top Ten + Recap


We think everyone has just about recovered from the 2-week madness that was Coachella 2014.

Some of the Talentcall Team went to weekend 2, and what a spectacle it was.

Let’s do it up right and top-ten this thing from least- to most-memorable Coachella moments according to Talentcall.

10. The drive home.

We were sad to see all of the festivities come to an end. With sore feet and dust-covered boots, we packed up and made the journey back to LA with lots of memories and photo evidence.

9. The dark horses.

There was a LOT going on and so many great bands to see, but we were especially (and pleasantly) surprised to catch The 1975’s unbelievable Matthew Healy literally shredding his guitar to pieces.

8. The staff.

Maybe a strange selection for the top ten, but the staff at the venue was incredibly kind. Smiles everywhere. After 3 long days in the sun, they still had great attitudes and friendly hellos & goodbyes. Way to go, ‘Chella, your employees rocked.

7. Metallic tattoos.

They were just really, really pretty. Next year, we’re all getting one.


6. The out-of-water chicken fighting.

There was a whole lot of this.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 4.55.13 PM

5. The zombies.

Number five is probably one of the funniest things that we’ve ever had the fortune of witnessing. Walking out of the polo fields towards our shuttle on Friday night, many festival-goers were stumbling and groaning and hanging their heads in exhaustion…among other influences. A Coachella staff member was driving a golf cart carefully through a crowd of basically toddlers who made it through physical development, but missed the boat on emotional and mental development altogether. As he thoughtfully dodged the toppling man- and lady-babies, he appropriately shouted, “ZOMBIES” at the top of his lungs. Let us just tell you, as probably some of the only coherent attendees within a 100-mile radius, it brought tears to our eyes. It was a bit worthy of SNL or any Seth Rogen film. His timing and delivery were flawless, but the utter truth of the situation was the cherry on top. Thank you, Coachella staffer for making our top ten list of most memorable moments.

4. The floating astronaut.

Don’t ask us how they did it, but they navigated this big guy through the crowds all day long. They even brought him into the Sahara tent to catch a show.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.02.45 PM

3. Pharrell’s star-studded set.

We knew it would be good, but man was it good. Pusha T, JayZ, Usher, T.I., and Busta Rhymes all graced the stage alongside Pharrell and his weird hat. Needless to say, it made us HAPPY.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.04.14 PM

2. The fashion.

It almost seems like the fashion is just as important as the music at Coachella these days. Let’s just say the headband and high-waisted denim shorts industries will not be going out of business anytime soon.

1. The music.

It had to be number one. Check out our video recap and start saving for next year…it was worth every penny!