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Chris Cornell Quizzes Jimmy Page About Led Zeppelin’s Glory Days


By Gavin Edwards

Jimmy Page, guitarist and sonic architect of the immortal Led Zeppelin, has a book out, also called Jimmy Page. It’s a lavish photographic history of his life in music, but because the text is minimal, if witty (a picture of Page swigging from a bottle of Jack Daniel’s has a caption about his “homeopathic remedy”), his current publicity tour is serving as essential commentary and explication. Page has recently turned up everywhere from satellite radio to the Late Show With David Letterman, but onstage last night at the Theater at Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, he found perhaps the most simpatico interviewer possible: Chris Cornell, guitarist and lead singer for the Zep-influenced Soundgarden.

Cornell didn’t hit Page with heavy-duty questions about band discord or plagiarism – or anything, really. A typical query was “You’re a multifaceted artist – where did that come from?” But the worshipful vibe facilitated a relaxed atmosphere: The 70-year-old Page, looking dapper with gray hair, a black scarf and a leather jacket, proved to be a charming raconteur, not addled by any of his past misadventures. If he didn’t have any new revelations, he at least kept the enthusiastic audience entertained for over an hour and a half. Here are 13 of our favorite moments.

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