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Catching Up with Jessie Pitts & Ethan Butler


Last week, former Season 7 “The Voice” contestants Jessie Pitts and Ethan Butler visited WorldArts Studios to rehearse for their performance at the intimate Room 5 lounge on La Brea. During their visit, we asked them a couple questions about their experience on “The Voice” and what they thought of the WorldArts platform! The entertaining duo had some great answers, and had such a comedic presence showing the true nature of their friendship. Read the interview below!

WorldArts: How has your life changed after being on “The Voice”?

Jessie: The biggest way my life has changed is definitely the fanbase and that introduction to the music industry. I went from 30 followers to 30,000, which is huge because that’s what artists are struggling to get, that’s the hard part is getting that traction. So in this time since “The Voice” we both have been trying to run with that momentum and strike when the iron’s hot. Other than that my life is the same it’s just a lot more music involved and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Ethan: My life has changed. I think one of the things that helped me maintain that the show wasn’t some distant dream that happened so to speak, but was a continuous reality was the relationships and maintaining those even after the show, and being able to perform with them to collaborate and converse. That’s helped me stay motivated, stay on top of it and just stay active within the business because it’s tough. People think you made it on the show and so everything must be falling at your feet but you have to fight for it still. It was great working on the set and working with the coaches to get a real genuine taste and what life could be like and having a successful career in the music industry.

WorldArts: What do you think of the WorldArts Stage and how do you think it can be used for emerging artists like yourself?

Jessie: It’s super awesome to have a space where we can come and be around people who are so supportive of our music and want us to be heard, want us to perform, and want us to be as best as we can be. It’s so refreshing especially in today’s music industry to have people like that who immediately want to help you out because you’re an artist. WorldArts has been incredible and supportive and I’ve only been associated with them for a short amount of time and I’ve already been rewarded with so much. Ethan and I haven’t seen each other since being on “The Voice” and we had to rehearse for our show, it was perfect. I feel like I was treated so well and although we we’re just rehearsing the staff was sitting by the soundboard and making sure we had everything we needed.

Ethan: Being out here, this is the first organization that I’ve been in contact with that has been like “hey you need a place to practice…we’ll provide a place for you” and not just some hole in the wall. A professional stage with an attentive staff and crew that makes sure you want to get the best sound that you’re going for and a comfortable and enjoyable experience. It’s been great.

WorldArts: Why is a site like WorldArts important for emerging artists?

Jessie: Honestly when I saw WorldArts I thought “this isn’t real”. People who will take someone who’s really pursuing music that may not have a ton of connections in the music industry or have an outlet to rehearse & perform in front of people is great, and WorldArts wants to be that medium for you. That’s something that’s completely lacking in the music industry now for emerging artists. I think it’s going to be huge especially for people like us.

Ethan: One thing that kind of stuck out to me that I can of tell is an underlying factor is relationships. That’s kind of the lifebread is networking. But what it really comes down to and what makes those networks mean something and actually turn into long lasting jobs or opportunities and collaborations is relationships. It’s really neat to see that the staff has wonderful relationships with each other and how they’ve interacted with us with the attentiveness and the care really says a lot.

WorldArts: What do you have to say to people that aren’t on the WorldArts website yet?

Jessie: The opportunities that WorldArts lets you participate in almost seems to good to be true. Make an artist profile because it’s basically just kind of the greatest thing ever and I’m really glad that I did it. You can upload your music, get people to hear it, enter in contests – what do you have to lose? There are so many great, legit, crazy opportunities they have and I want all of them!

Ethan: What the hell are you doing with your life? Get yourself together. Here’s the thing about WorldArts and the connection that it brings. I didn’t know about the company, but Jessie was treated so well by the company and said I want to bring my friend into this. Relationships and networking. And you don’t get this kind of stuff everyday – so not only do you get to work in an awesome place together but being able to prep for shows and practice on new material a room to collaborate and also meet other artists is great.

Jessie and Ethan both have a profile with WorldArts! Check them out, create a fan profile to follow their musical journey, and stay tuned for their new music!

Create your profile like Jessie and Ethan did at www.worldarts.com!