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Brittney Grabill debuts new single “I Try”!


Singer/songwriter Brittney Grabill will release her new single I Try on iTunes, March 24th! This Canadian pop artist (now based in L.A.) wrote I Try based on “a relationship between two people, (but) it’s a universal feeling to fear being vulnerable and open, whether that’s through letting love in or going for your big goal in life. Heartbreak is a very real variable in both of those examples, but it sure is sweet when you get it right”. The song was born when she brought the first verse into the studio with her producer Cole Commandeau, who began building the beat from there. “Bobby B. Morales then worked his mixing magic on it. I have a great team!” she says. “You get to choose in life to put yourself out there whether for love or for your passion, or you can also choose to play it safe. I want to encourage having a life that is fun and that you are proud of, and I believe failure comes only when you stop trying”.  A forthcoming music video is in production with producer/cinematographer Isaiah Taylor of Tilted Panda Productions, and esteemed Canadian choreographer Carley Cofield.

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Her music career started early, when she released her first original song I Like You at the age of 16, and has subsequently released pop/folk albums Dreams Are All You Know (2012) and Candy (2013), both recorded at PowerSound Studios in Edmonton, AB. Her talent and drive have gotten notice in the music world says producer, Scott Greene. “She is a fantastic talent, but one of the major things that separates Brittney from other artists I’ve worked with, is that she has discovered the importance of work ethic. I’ve watched her take control of her career and approach it with care and a very regimented determination.”

Brittney’s artistic vision goes beyond music and into different facets of filmmaking as well. She directed Chocolate Cake (2017) which was featured on KTLA News during Oscar week and premiered at the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival. She has worked in casting for various music-oriented projects like Anderson Paak’s Grammy promo video and Adam Sandler’s Netflix film Sandy Wexler. Brittney has also received grants to further her career through Storyhive, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and RawlCo Radio.

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After having major back surgery at the young age of thirteen, Brittney was inspired to work on behalf of numerous charities. She has performed for and spoken at many children’s hospital events and radiothons. All the proceeds from Autumn’s Song were donated to the Stollery Children’s Hospital, and her story & song were featured on Edmonton’s Virgin 104.9 and The Bear 100.3 radiothon that raised $1.25 million for the hospital. Brittney also feels strongly about suicide awareness and mental health, leading to her involvement with Edmonton’s Suicide Awareness March, where she has performed numerous times. Her music talent and passion for others have seamlessly intertwined to reward her with success now and in the future. “Brittney has the heart of a true musician, she lives the music, she sings with feeling!” notes Juno Award winner, The Mighty Popo.

In addition to her new single release, she is currently taking part in Canada’s Music Incubator in Toronto, ON, where she will be performing in April. She is launching four new singles this year with the help of Effective Immediately PR. I Try is exclusively available now on Twist Magazine, but you can be the first to download it tomorrow on iTunes. Connect with her below to learn more!


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