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Breaking: How Can Tidal Help Artists If They’re Already Ripping Them Off?




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Jay Z’s is relaunching Tidal, his newly-purchased
streaming service, later today. Jay and his celebrity friends
launched a social media campaign for the relaunch that is
similar to social justice hashtags, saying Tidal
will “turn the tide” and other vague inspirational

Well, Björk-collaborator The Haxan Cloak and label
Tri Angle Records say Tidal ripped them off in the new
launch video…



Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and
more: @nine_u

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Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous

    Monday, March 30, 2015

    How’d they rip him off?

    Imitation? That’s not a rip off…

    It Sounds like it could just be a pad, i mean, people need
    to realize almost everything has been done and get over the
    whole imitation thing, many times its just pure
    coincidence, and so long as his music has already been
    released, there’s no beef here, other then him using
    someone else’s name publicly as a means of promotion and
    marketing, in an effort to boost himself up, which is just
    as bad or worse if you ask me, if his gripe is even

    I get imitated all the time, and i am nothing but honored,
    its truly an honor to be happy with when someone of their
    stature imitates you, when its done from released and
    published material, so anything but respect and gratitude
    is nothing more then a slap in the face…

    No one imitates something or someone they don’t respect and
    admire, to toss it back in their face when he has zero
    standing, is just plain rude…

    Once something is released and published, it’s mostly fair
    game, just be honored man…

  2. Voyno

    Monday, March 30, 2015

    Um so now this dude has a copyright on edgy atmospheric
    music? Thanks a lot Blurred Lines verdict.




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