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Brazilian Bank Launching Streaming Service That Costs $1.57 a Month




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As streaming goes up, paid downloads go down.
Everyone from Jay Z to Apple is trying to cash in on this shift.
And Google thinks they need three different streaming services
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What about banks, do they need their own streaming
service too?

Brazil’s Banco Bradesco thinks their credit card customers need
their own music streaming service. Universal Music Group
agrees, and has partnered with the bank to launch Bradesco

Bradesco Music will be available on computers and mobile
devices, offering over 500,000 songs and 50,000 HD videos.

The service will cost R$4.90 ($1.57 USD) a


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more: @nine_u

Photo by Alan Turkis on Flickr used with the Creative
Commons License

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