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Betty Solomon & Ahmed Alabaca LIVE on the WorldArts Stage!


Betty Solomon and Ahmed Alabaca stopped by the WorldArts Stage for an exclusive Periscope set!

Born in Virginia and raised in Maryland, Bethel has always been unique. Fashion and style were her first true loves and she had big dreams to move to NY and do it big. From moving to NY with no job, to sharing a small room in Brooklyn to working three jobs at one point just to stay in Brooklyn, she never honestly thought she could hold her own in music but made sure to stay around it. After spending a few years in corporate radio, she learned the operations of music in the broadcast world.

Still there was a void and singing was still an idea, she was always writing but not sure still if it was her calling. Then like so many wounded singers she went through a breakup that pushed her to write all of her pain out. Then the idea of recording an EP came about and for the past two and a half years she has been evolving, cultivating and molding her sound. Hoping to release the EP soon she still records and post music regularly on Soundcloud.

“I never realized how unique I was until I accepted music as my partner, singing is my therapy in every way you can imagine and as long as i have it i am good”. She has partnered with the talented young composer Ahmed Alabaca and aspiring conductor, to write songs and perform together at various venues in Los Angeles. Watch them perform original songs on the WorldArts Stage.

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