Home Artist News Ashley Aparicio releases new EP “Songs For You”!

Ashley Aparicio releases new EP “Songs For You”!


Alt-Rocker Ashley Aparicio has released her latest EP Songs For You! The new six-track EP from this SoCal solo artist was mostly inspired by her personal experience with a breakup. “I wanted this set of music to be representative of moments in time where I felt like I had no voice and to relate to others alike” she reveals. “This breakup was an especially hard one for me at the time, and I really wanted to write songs that embodied what it felt like to get your heart broken. From the initial feeling of betrayal, to just wanting to get as far away from your life as possible, to maybe finding someone new who just makes your heart go ‘woah’. These songs are an ode to anyone who has suffered in matters of the heart and came out on the other side.”

Aparicio began her music career in high school while growing up in Burbank, with appearances on shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Voice among many others. She followed her passion for song to the Berklee College of Music, and after graduating, she’s become a fixture on the L.A. music circuit while also working hard in the studio on new releases. “Music allows me to connect with people in a vulnerable way and let them know they are not alone” she says. “There is somebody who can relate to their struggle and their joy, and as a bilingual (Spanish/English) musician I have the opportunity to connect with a lot of people.”

Listen to Songs For You and download it on BandCamp today!


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