April’s Artist Spotlight of the Month is Ceasefire!


    After reviewing a barrage of submissions, WorldArts has chosen Ceasefire as the Featured Artist for our April Spotlight.  You’ve seen their brotherly love and big sound live and on MTV, and now they’ve got a new (and secret) project on the horizon.   Check out our exclusive Q&A to hear their advice to new artists, who their dream tour mates would be, and why you may not want to invite them out for karaoke this weekend.


    1.) We see you are from Los Angeles, when did you get started in music and how has it been trying to make it in the City of Angels?

    We all started our musical journey at different points in our lives… Kamren and Ray Alexander are brothers, so from them it started very young. Anthony Hainsworth has been in music since he was a kid and he joined the fold during a different project with Kamren and Ray. This trio eventually became what is now known as Ceasefire. As for making it in LA… We honestly feel blessed to be in such an entertainment driven city. So much great music has been birthed here and you can almost feel it in the atmosphere. We love the fact that there are so many different types of artist and styles of music here. It has allowed us to share the stage with some truly amazing artist and really grow a much more versatile fan base… Or “Militia” as they call themselves.

    2.) How did you find out about WorldArts ?

    We heard about WorldArts through DJ Kat Corbett at La’s World Famous KROQ 106.7fm… This past year we have had great success on her Locals Only show. While tuning in to listen we kept hearing her promoting WorldArts, so we checked it out and here we are.

    3.) What kind of opportunities would you like to see to help the career of aspiring musicians?

     Honestly we truly believe that all the opportunities for artist are out there and more available than ever. With the birth and growth of Social Media and sites like WorldArts, the foundation has been set for bands and artist to be successful. We won’t lie and say its easy… We have worked our asses off to get to where we are but thats the nature of success. The tools have been given to the artist, we all just need to reach out and use them.

    4.) If you could go open up for any artist on tour right now who would it be and why?

     Definitely Pink Floyd or Depeche Mode, that would be a dream. They are one of our biggest influences and we feel like we would learn so much being on tour with them.

    5.) Whats something we don’t know about Ceasefire that we should?

     One thing that most people don’t know about us is that as a band we are really into the Soundtrack type of music. We love all the theatrical elements and sounds. Recently we actually started writing music for movies, tv shows, and video games. Our most current project being with a big franchise that we can’t yet disclose but are very excited to share with everyone when the time comes.

    6.) What is you favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car/for karaoke?

     When we do karaoke we always pick the songs for one another, problem is, that we love to embarrass each other. The songs that we pick are almost always song that we can’t sing or songs we need a little more whisky to sing.

    7.) For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words:


    8.)  Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV?

     Yes, we try and play at least 2 shows a month while we are in the studio recording our album. We always say that we are more at home on stage than anywhere else. We put our souls into every performance and the fans give us theirs in return. Our shows are very high energy with lots of crowd participation. One of our main focuses is turning our show into an experience and connecting with our audience. Something more than just coming and watching a band play for a hour. We want our show to resinate with our fans so that they can become as passionate about it as we are.

    9.) WorldArts is all about giving tools and opportunities to artists…what advice do you have for up and comers?

     You need to focus on song writing… Once you have something to show people, utilize every opportunity and resource out there to spread the word about you craft. Once you start to gain a following you need to make sure to always treat your fans like gold.

    10.) What’s on the radar for you?  What’s next? 

     We have a 18+ House of Blues Sunset show in Hollywood, CA on April 10th. We are exclusively offering FREE tickets for this show so message us at facebook.com/ceasefiretheband … Tickets are limited so first come first serve. We are also currently working on recording our next single/music video. And we have a very exciting project that we are working on right now but can’t release the details for that quite yet.