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Apple Updates Their Music App as Streaming Service Launch Approaches




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Apple’s new streaming service is very close to launching. The
service is expected to launch with iOS 9. The announcement will
most likely take place at Apple’s WWDC in June.

The company is already making some changes to their music
software to prepare for the upcoming launch. The Music
app has been updated in iOS 8.4, which has just gone into
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The Music app has received a visual update and a “Recently
Added” section has been added to the home screen.

iTunes Radio now has better integration with the rest of the
music app.

The search feature includes both “My Music” and “iTunes Radio”.
You can easily add an iTunes Radio track to your Wishlist or
purchase the track in the iTunes Store.

This video from DetroitBORG has a good rundown of the new


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  1. Anonymous

    Tuesday, April 14, 2015

    “Very close to launching”

    yeah wake me up when they actually complete their licensing




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