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Apple Music Has 99 Problems. And They Are…

Apple Music Has 99 Problems. And They Are…

by Paul Resnikoff

Part I. Bug Problems.

1. Apple Music doesn’t work with Home Sharing.  So, that means you can’t play songs from your collection over Wifi to your iPhone or iPad (unless you keep the older iOS version, which doesn’t support Apple Music).

2. Which also means that Apple Music doesn’t work on Apple TV, at least not yet.

3. Meanwhile, YouTube works awesome on Google Chromecast.  And Spotify has been wired into Wifi-enabled stereo and entertainment systems like Sonos for years.

4. Apple Music doesn’t really work with Siri.

5. Beats 1 doesn’t really work with Siri.

6. Beats 1 crashes a lot (though it’s actually not that bad otherwise).

7. It’s really complicated to upgrade iTunes to get Apple Music (like, 28 steps complicated).

8. It’s really complicated for artists to upload their music onto Apple Music.

9. iCloud Music Library is ruining some users’ carefully-compiled collections with wrong track and album art information.  In fact, DJs are being warned against making the upgrade, while others have declared it a ‘disaster for your music collection‘.

10. That is, if you can even get iCloud Music Library to activate on iOS 8.4.

11. In other buggy matching scenarios, user collections are getting riddled with duplicates, for reasons that may have to do with complications between iTunes Music locally-stored collections, iTunes Match, and iCloud Music Library.

12. Users are also complaining that song star ratings are getting erased while ported into Apple Music.

13. Got smart playlists?  Apple Music and iCloud Music Library are changing those settings as well.

14. Like songs with explicit lyrics?  Apple Music and iCloud Music Library are also reportedly replacing those with clean versions.

15. There are even isolated reports of Apple Music wiping out some uploaded collections (so please back it up before you upload).

16. And sorry, Beats by Dre headphones are cool, but they really don’t sound that great (someone had to say it…)