Home Artists Alex G. “Shares Her Story” Exclusively on the WorldArts Stage

Alex G. “Shares Her Story” Exclusively on the WorldArts Stage


WorldArts was privileged to have the talented Alex G. and Torri Horness perform on the WorldArts Stage!  

Alex stopped by the WorldArts HQ before she kicks off her European tour in Germany on November 3rd to do a special live performance on Periscope for her fans, as well as promote her brand new EP Share Your Story.

Alex put a unique twist on her new EP by asking her fans to send in their personal stories of overcoming a difficult experience in their life. After receiving over 1,300 submissions, Alex read through each one and chose five stories that she could use as inspiration to craft five new songs. It was amazing to see how Alex could use these stories of heartbreak and healing to create a shared voice with her fans through music that we can all draw inspiration from. The EP Share Your Story is a captivating and touching collection of songs that is soft to the ear but hits right at the heart. The new EP drops Friday, October 30th and you won’t want to miss it!

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