Home Artists The Absurd releases live album “Live From Outer Space”!

The Absurd releases live album “Live From Outer Space”!


Los Angeles rock group The Absurd has released a new album Live From Outer Space to promote their upcoming studio EP! The band has had a wild run of a summer, including mini-tours (singer Ben Foerg was chased out of a venue, and the band walked off-stage in protest at a festival). But as the band will tell you, it actually helped develop their sound and individualist attitude. “We found out that controversy suits us” said Foerg.  In July, the band played five gigs at five L.A. venues (Harvard & Stone, Hotel Cafe, The Viper Room, Silverlake Lounge, and Rafas) where they were genuinely surprised and pleased with the great turnout. The band capped the summer off with two performances at L.A.’s annual Echo Park Rising festival, at The Lost Knight and Rafas, where a video of the debauchery that ensued is making the rounds on YouTube.  After two years of playing weekly in Los Angeles, this Detroit-bred band is finally taking their first multi-week break from playing live. They’ve been prepping to record a new album while also mixing and mastering Live From Outer Space, which was recorded on the Santa Monica Pier.  After being named our Featured Artist back in May, we caught up with this hardworking L.A. trio to learn more about the live album, the upcoming EP, and what’s up next for them!

Tell us about the new record?

Well, we are recording a new EP. It’s been almost exactly a year since we last recorded our last one, and the band’s sound has changed so much since then. So we are excited to put something out that’s more representative of the music you’ll hear when you see us live. A lot of excitement has been building for these new songs, they’ve gone over amazingly well. We definitely feel like we have a good grasp on our identity now, whereas the last record is kind of the sound of us figuring things out.

Since it took us way longer than we would like to get back in the studio we decided to record one of our many shows from this summer. It’s got a lot of material that’s unrecorded, some of which we won’t be able to get to until the next record. Honestly, we have like three and a half hours of original material at this point, so it’s really difficult to decide which songs get to be recorded first. Anyway, hopefully this will tide over our fans who’ve been bugging us to put our new material out.

When does the live album drop?

We are releasing it October 24, the same day as we are playing Harvard & Stone in Hollywood, thanks to our friends from Santa Barbara. We’re posting it on Bandcamp so you can pay what you want for it. Any funds that people wish to donate in exchange for the album will be put towards the recording sessions we are doing this fall. Unfortunately music is still expensive to make, especially for some broke ass musicians such as ourselves. Also we’ll be putting out a limited edition cassette of the live album, which you can only buy at shows.

What’s up next on the horizon for the band?

We have our live album release show at Harvard & Stone on the 24th, which we’ll be filming. Then we gotta focus on finishing the record. We do have some kickass shows planned later in the year, including November 18th at Lot 1 Cafe and December 5th at Three Clubs in Hollywood with Hydro Kitten. We play more often than most the bands we know, so if you look at our social media you’ll probably find a show close to you sometime soon.

Listen to the live album recorded at the Santa Monica Pier and come out and see the band in December. Support the group and download the new live album today!


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