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95.5 KLOS Warehouse ft. Rival Sons at WorldArts!


95.5 KLOS “The Rock of Southern California” put together an amazing 2nd show for their KLOS Warehouse series here at the WorldArts Stage. Long Beach natives Rival Sons, took the stage to end their US leg of the tour as direct support for Black Sabbath. Fans were able to get closer to the action than any other Rival Sons show of 2016, with their legs up against the stage. We know they were diehard fans because the only way to get tickets was to win your way in. Sponsored by Pink Taco, Hint Water, Golden Road Brewery, Popchips, and Vita Coco, all fans were treated like VIPs.

For years, KLOS has stayed true to rock n’ roll by playing all the classic rock artists. However, they know talent when they hear it, and play Rival Sons on the air whenever they get the chance. This made them the obvious choice when it came to finding bands for the recurring KLOS Warehouse series at WorldArts.


From the opening riff of the show, to Jay Buchanan singing “Thank you KLOS,” to close the show, Rival Sons had the audience captivated. Seeing them live feels like a once in a life opportunity because it is. Waiting for the show is torturous, it seems to go by in an instant, but you will never look at music the same way when it’s done.

As they continue to climb to the top of the music food chain, Rival Sons have not forgotten about their loyal fans. They released their fifth studio album this year, “Hollow Bones,” and performed “Hollow Bones pt. 1”, “ Tied Up”, and “Fade Out”. Fans were shocked when their set list also included “Burn Down Los Angeles” from their first album “Pressure in Time”.


In preparation for this Rival Sons show, WorldArts team member Jaron Moore took a trip up to Sacramento to interview Doug Kauer of Kauer Guitars. Check out the story behind Doug’s relationship with Scott Holiday (@mrfuzzlord), lead guitarist of Rival Sons!

Thank you again to all the loyal fans for attending the 95.5 KLOS Warehouse at WorldArts, and to Rival Sons for an awesome performance!


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