9 Reasons Why You Won’t Pay $9.99 for ‘Apple Music’

    9 Reasons Why You Won’t Pay $9.99 for ‘Apple Music’

    by Paul Resnikoff

    9 Reasons Why You Won’t Pay $9.99 for ‘Apple Music’

    1. Free music on YouTube.

    YouTube has every song ever made, and is the single largest source of music consumption in the world (by a huge margin).  Not only that, it has a larger collection than Spotify, iTunes, or the ‘Apple Music’ streaming service will ever have.

    2. Free music on Spotify.

    Spotify understands music streaming because they’ve been doing it longer, with tens of million of users.  But most importantly, they offer ad-supported, free music access for an unlimited period, not just three months like Apple.  And if that doesn’t change, you have no reason to go to Apple.

    3. Free music on Pandora.

    Pandora has nearly 80 million unique listeners, and virtually all of them (a) are not paying anything; and (b) don’t care about choosing which song comes next (which virtually guarantees it will remain free).

    4. Free music on Soundcloud.

    Soundcloud is currently negotiating licenses with major labels and publishers, but they’re promising never to abandon their free tier.  And, they’re renowned for having a collection of remixes and track versions that you can’t find anywhere else — not on Spotify, not on YouTube, and definitely not on ‘Apple Music’.