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8 Creative Ways to Connect with Your Fans


Connecting and engaging with your fans is now easier than ever before with the countless social media platforms available, but why are so many artists still struggling to connect with their fans? And where do you start? There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and the list goes on and on. What can you do as an artist to stay current and relevant, while still being unique? Here are 8 creative ways that you can engage and connect with a loyal community of fans.

Build a Community

Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber are all artists that have seen great success not only due to their songs, but for creating a community of loyal fans. But how can new and emerging artists create this same type of community? One way to replicate this model, is to directly engage your fans through social media. You can create a Facebook group where fans can interact with each other, as well as you, the artist. You can use it as a place for your fans to ask you questions, submit fan artwork, or just a place for fans to engage with other fans. You can also ask for feedback in the group, or create special weekly videos to thank them for their support. A Facebook group is a great way to personalize your fan base, make them feel special, and create a personal relationship with each and every one of them.

Get Outside

Even though we live in the digital age, being behind your computer on your social media pages might not always be the best way to connect with your fans. Sometimes, an in person and more grassroots approach can instantly capture the hearts of your fans. One way to do this is to stick around after your show, meet your fans, take some photos and thank them for coming out to support you and your music. Simple things like that can make them a fan for life. You can also support musicians similar to yourselves, and attend their shows to expand your network. Turns out the people who are listening to their music will mostly like yours! In- person relationships and rapport building is still the #1 way to make a good impression.

Listen to what your fans are telling you

Fans love to be asked their opinions. Asking your fans simple questions on your Facebook page, or Twitter account is a great simple way to interact with them, as well as gain [free] priceless feedback about what your listeners and fans want from you. Be sure to do more than just “like” or “favorite” your fans comments. Try your best to respond and interact with them! They will love you even more for it!

Using your fans’ talents to your advantage

One of the best ways to garner fan interactions and connections, is actually using them to help you! One example is creating an original opportunity on the WorldArts platform. Depending on your needs as an artist, you can ask your fans to submit artwork or design ideas for your next album or EP cover. This will increase fan participation as well as help you out in an area you may not have a strong suit in, such as graphic design.


Testimonials are a powerful way to engage your fans and grow your fanbase. Simply get someone to get a camera and video tape a couple fans after your performance and ask them what they thought! People are always happy to give their opinions. By either yourself, or a member of your crew going around with a camera before or after your performance, talking with your fans to talk about how great your music is, and why they’re a fan. Testimonials have a camera ask people what they thought of the show after, put all the content on YouTube.

Shared Causes

Aligning yourself with causes you’re passionate about and charitable groups that your fans support is a great way to bond with your fans.  A great example of this is Reverse Order, and their anti-bullying campaign, Reverse The Trend.  This can help build goodwill and connect your ‘stage persona’ and voice with who you are as a person.  It can also lead to performance opportunities with great organizations as they will certainly appreciate your support!

Don’t overlap content on all social media

Make each channel as unique as possible. Why follow someone on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if all the content on each platform is the same? You can use Facebook as your main channel with video updates as frequently as possible, but use Twitter more as a great place to communicate with your fans in a more casual way.  Capitalize on the strengths of each platform and keep them different.  Don’t forget to like and follow people back!

Pick non-conventional place to perform

A fun, exciting way to connect with your fans is picking a non-conventional place to perform than the standard, usual places people perform at. Picking a fun, out of the ordinary place, like an outdoor park, allows for your fans to experience your music allows them to have a more personal experience with you, instead of a crowded venue. This also allows you to interact with your fans more and will give you more ‘stage time’ than a standard venue may allow you to have.