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7 Tips For Making A Great Facebook Video



is really
pushing video these days, wanting it
to be a major part of the platform and
maybe even compete
with YouTube before too long. Now is
the time to be sure you’re making the most of your


Guest Post by Bobby Owsinski on
Music 3.0

Here are 7 quick tips  from Jackie
at AllFacebook on how to optimize your
videos just for Facebook. I’ve adapted them a bit more for
artists and bands.

1. Limit the video footage to 5 minutes or less (way
The shorter the video, the more plays
you’ll get. A long video can scare off people who
might ordinarily check it out.

2. Create a good thumbnail image for your
A good thumbnail is like a good cover of a
book. It helps get an impulse “buy.”

3. Create a catchy or unique title. Just
like with a book or magazine article, the title can sell the
product. Of course, this is just the same on YouTube.

4. Check out the keywords for similar
 For example, if your song has a drum
solo, you might want to check out what keywords other videos
other songs with drum solos use as well.

5. Allow people to share
your work.
 This sounds like a no-brainer, but
many artists actually limit the sharing of their video. Let
them embed your video on their blog and website if they want.
That’s how you go viral.

6. Encourage people to rate and review your
Don’t directly ask for a Like, since
that’s against Facebook’s terms of service, but you can ask for
comments or a rating.

7. Upload to other video sharing
Use OneLoad to post your video on
all relevant video sites. It’s the quickest and
easiest way to do it, and you’d be surprised the number of
people who might find it that wouldn’t otherwise.

Keep the above tips in mind the next time you post a video on
Facebook. They don’t take much time but can make a big
difference in the number of views that your video ultimately


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