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7 Points I Wish The Tidal Team Made



For those not
living under a rock, Jay-Z presented Tidal,
the industry’s first artist-owned music
on Monday at a press conference that has been
widely mocked for being heavy on lip service
and platitudes and extremely wanting in details.


Guest Post by Jon Maples on JonMaples.com

Jay spent a reported $56 million to buy Tidal from its
Norwegian corporate parent Aspiro AB and there’s been a lot of
speculation about what Tidal could be up to.

It’s premature to call it a failure (though the tech press
didn’t have any qualms doing so) as we don’t know what
Tidal is going to do. But without details, I was really wishing
for more from 16 of the biggest names in the music business
Monday. The fact is that an artist-run streaming service should
have a different outlook at how a music service should
function, from its relationship to listeners to how
artists are compensated. Here’s a few suggestions for what Jay
and team could have said.

  1. “First and foremost, Tidal is going to complete the fan
    experience. Too often we’re asking our fans to do too much work
    and it hasn’t gotten easier in streaming. It’s gotten harder! I
    believe first and foremost that if we’re asking fans to pay for
    music, then we better be delivering a lot more value than just
    access to music. To that end, Tidal is going to focus on
    shortening that distance from the music fan and us, the
  2. “Sharing music is a great way for our fans to show their
    love for our music. We’re going to make it extremely easy for
    fans to share music and enable playback of tracks in a limited
    way, regardless if someone is a Rdio, Pandora, iTunes or
    Spotify listener. Our project is called EasyShare and it
    requires all the services to cooperate so that it’s easier for
    our fans to share their love of music. It also supports all the
    services, since, let’s face it, people are using a little bit
    of everything these days.”

  3. Tidal-970-80
    “Okay, we’re superstars. But it’s
    not easy for artists these days in all genres and levels of
    their career. We believe in fairness
    for all artists. We’re going
    to make sure that the way artists get paid in our streaming
    service works for everyone, from the superstar to the
    struggling artist. Right now it seems like payments for
    streaming seem like a ‘winner take all’ proposition. So we’ve
    asked leading economists to look at the pro-rata share of
    determining compensation to investigate if it really is the
    best way to pay artists.”
  4. “We’ve informed the major labels that we want to
    renegotiate our contracts with them. Our number one priority is
    to make sure that more money from our service goes into the
    pockets of artists. So we’re going to add what we’re calling a
    ‘Transparency Clause’ into the contract that will require
    labels to quantify how much money they’ve received from us, and
    what percentage goes to artists. We believe this number will
    help artists understand the moneyflow and make sure that the
    billions streaming services are paying labels don’t turn into
    fractions of pennies for artists.”
  5. “We also won’t sign non-disclosure clauses with any label
    and we will post the details of all of our deals so that the
    artist community knows exactly how much money is going into the
    coffers of labels for their content.”
  6. “We believe in artists. And that’s just not performers, but
    also songwriters. So we’re going to help solve the problem of
    getting songwriters paid. Right now, music services like Tidal
    can only pay 70 percent of royalties because we just can’t
    identify who should get paid. We’ve earmarked $5 million that
    we’ll give to SoundExchange to develop a Global Rights
    Database. The database will endeavor to identify the publishing
    rights for every song in the world with the end goal of getting
    every single rightsholder paid for every play. We have calls
    later today with Daniel Ek, Doug Morris, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook
    and Lucian Grainge urging them to contribute to this extremely
    important endeavor.”
  7. “We’re going to support artists by investing in causes that
    are important to them. Therefore, we’re going to contribute the
    money that Tidal paid us for exclusives to MusicCares, which
    helps artists who are in need of economic support often for
    medical problems. We’re asking our subscribers to join us in
    supporting this vital non-profit service.”


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