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6 Ways to Reach Your Kickstarter Goal


By Hugh McIntyre

Hugh McIntyre is a freelance pop music journalist in NYC by way of Boston. He has written for Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, and MTV, as well as various magazines and blogs around the world. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of the blog “Pop! Bang! Boom!” which is dedicated to the genre of pop in all of its glory.

We’ve all heard of Kickstarter and some of the amazing success stories that have come from its fundraising platform – LeVar Burton raising $2 million in two days to bring Reading Rainbow back, for example – but how is it done? There are tens of thousands of projects on the site (which has raised almost $1.4 billion in the few years it’s been around), so if you want to make the money you need for whatever journey you’re about to embark on, you’ve got to make sure you do things right. Here are six tips on managing your Kickstarter in a way that will bring in the most dollars.

1. Do your research
If you’re going to go through the trouble of asking people for money and setting up this entire campaign, you should at least make sure it’s worth your time. Before you launch anything, look into what your project is actually going to cost. Don’t guess how much it takes to record, master, and release an album, complete with CD cases, booklets, and a photo shoot – figure it out. Look up the prices for everything you’re going to need and ask for the right amount. If you don’t, your fundraising efforts could actually end up costing you.

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