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6 Things You Need to Promote Your Music on Social Media


Nowadays, everyone and everything relies on social media. It’s the most important way for artists and fan relationships to form. It allows you to put your career in your hands, and share it however (and with whomever) you want to.

Every platform gives indie musicians a unique way to connect with their fans. Twitter is great for fun, little engaging conversations. Instagram gives your fans insight into your daily life. And YouTube is almost like talking with your fans face to face. But with each new platform comes new rules, formats, and strategies.

To help you make the most of each platform you’re using to promote your music, check out this infographic.

You’ll learn:

  • The best image sizes and formats for your posts and profiles on each social media platform
  • Keyboard shortcuts to save you time
  • The best days and times to post so you get the most exposure
  • Social media tools you should be using every day
  • Easy tips that will help you get more engagement
  • And a quick guide to writing headlines for your posts

And if you want to take it even further and really step up your email promotion as well, download this free ebook. You’ll learn what to send your fans to create more engagement and how to email music industry people to unlock more opportunities. Plus, you’ll get 10 free email templates and examples that you can start sending to your fans today. Just change out a few words and press send!

This infographic is from On Blast Blog.


There’s a knick and knack to every social media platform and a hack to help you get the most out of each one.

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