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5 Ways to Follow Up with Your CMJ Contacts Before SXSW


By Kosha Dillz

CMJ was an amazing week. You were probably supposed to follow up with a bunch of people and forgot or you might not be trying hard enough. Let me tell you that now is the perfect time to do so, because we are far away from SXSW, just enough before Thanksgiving and right after Halloween, which is perfect for a real corny joke in a email. This can be used for any music conference you may have attended or will attend, from NACA to SXSW to CMJ to NXNE to Art Basel in Miami. You can even use it after a long day of shows on the road.

1. Compile all your old texts and emails from that week

Little do you know but I always meet people and with nearly 4000 contacts in my phone, I just dont bother to save their number. If I look back to the number, I can text that person again. If I want to really engage, say hi, use many emjois and ask them how their day is. This is the opportunity to work, make a new friend, client, or fan. Focus on the connection and not “what you want.”

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