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4 P’s That Make It Difficult For Musicians To Deal With Fame


All musicians want fame. Whether they’ll admit it or not, having their music be widely listened to is the ultimate goal. Everything thinks once you achieve fame all your problems disappear. Quite contrary, though, an entire new problems can form. MusicThinkTank listed four of the P’s and how to deal with them.

“1. Personal Imbalance. Fame does inflate your ego, big time. You feel on top of the world. At the same time it pushes away all the other aspects of your personality. Instead of using fame to develop your full personality, you neglect everything except your ego.

2. Problem-Taboo. Everyone expects you to have problem-free life when you are famous. There is no place to talk about the problems you suddenly encounter.

3. Public-Person. Fame makes you a public person. Everyone wants to know everything about you and your life. You have to sort out how to create a privacy bubble, away from fans and journalists.

4. Pushing & Pulling. While you might have been an outsider at school, people love you when you are famous. From all directions they start to push and pull at you, to get your attention, to make you do what they would like you to do. They leave little space for your own wishes and needs.”

Stay away from the P’s and you’ll be perfectly fine!

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