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3 Tips For Promoting Your Mixtape In Hip Hop


Mixtapes are quickly climbing charts and taking over the industry. It’s a way to show your fans hand crafted work that you’re proud of, and presenting it to the world. You want to guarantee all your hard work falls into the hands of all the right people. Read MusicThinkTank’s 3 most important tips for promoting your mixtape.

“1. Mixtape Hosting Platforms Are Your Friends

Mixtape hosting platforms will make it easy for:

  • Your fans to stream your mixtape 
  • You to acquire some of the platform’s listeners 
  • And a place for you to collect your stats (views, listens, downloads, etc..) in one place.

You might be wondering why collecting your stats in one place is important.

To keep it simple, your stats will help you measure your popularity, marketing success, and be used as credibility when trying to structure partnerships with brands and labels.

A few popular mixtape hosting platforms you can use:

2. Connect With Hip Hop Blogs

Popular blogs and magazines rarely post independent rappers. Why? Because they don’t need to and independent rappers aren’t usually able to add much value to popular blogs and magazines

But, that’s ok. There are still a ton of smaller blogs that are much happier to work with you.

You should be targeting them

Look for the blogs in your city that support local independent rappers and professionally contact them.

This will help you: How To Get Your Music On Hip Hop Blogs

3. Send Genuine Emails To Influencers

An “Influencer” is exactly what it sounds like; someone who can influence things in an industry. In the context of music, it’s someone who can help “put you on”.

Generally speaking, these people will be very connected and will be extremely busy. It’s not going to be easy to get in touch with these people, but it’s possible.

When emailing influencers, you’ve got to stand out. They get a million emails per day. You don’t want to be another trash bin rapper.

networking is huge and can benefit you in multiple ways!

Here are a few tips:

  • Research if they have any guidelines for emailing them
  • Research a bit of background on who you’re contacting.
  • Avoid words like “check me out”, “I’m the hottest in {insert city/state/planet}”, and similar phrases.
  • Keep your email short
  • Avoid making the email all about you. Write about the benefits that the influencer will get from giving your music a shot
  • Don’t tell them to listen to your mixtape. Give them 1 or 2 songs to check out.
  • Ask for something specific, not broad. “Give me feedback” is too much work for someone. 
  • Follow up after 7 days if you don’t receive a response. 
  • If you do get a response, thank them for their time. 
  • If they gave you some advice, follow it. Then follow up with them afterwards letting them know of the results

Make sure to remember to not only be proud of what you make, but help others be proud as well.

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