12 Simple Ways To Be A Happier And More Productive Musician


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    Pursuing a career in the music business isn’t easy, nor is it for the thin-skinned. In fact, with all the challenges one has to face to get noticed, it can actually be pretty darn depressing. Here are 12 quick, simple tips that can help keep your spirits high and your focus bright!

    1. Keep feeding your brain with knowledge and bettering yourself every day. It gives a feeling of growth and potential.
    2. Give knowledge back by volunteering, teaching, and helping others. It gives a feeling of purpose.
    3. Stay away from negativity (i.e., people who are unhappy with their lives, have a false sense of entitlement, envy, or try to manipulate and control). Negativity is an extremely infectious disease.
    4. Know how to party and when enough is enough (which could mean not at all). Restraint is power!
    5. Exercise and eat healthy. Your health is a gift, and the way you feel directly affects your mood. Try yoga – it’s a great tool for relaxation.
    6. Keep your finances, bills, and receipts in order. Try not to owe anyone anything – just the idea of debt can hang over you like a black cloud – and make sure you save something.

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